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A Very Small Business – Version 0.3.0

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A Very Small Business – Version 0.3.0

Version: 0.3.0
Censorship: NO
Genre: 3d adult game, business sex, porn, striptease, all sex, seduction, big tits, perfect tits, pornplay
Platform: PC/ Windows/
Language: English
Category: Adult Game
All Caracters Have Over 18+



You play as a young man who is managing a very small business from home, trying to make enough money to move his business to a new level.

As you were too focused on developing your business you overlooked your relationship with your girlfriend, Laura. It is just now that you realized it and you need to take urgent measures to restore it. She is still living with you, but she is so close to leave.

Find the right work-life balance!
Do that and save $50,000 to win the game!

Version 0.3.0 Changelog:

New location: Library
New Girl: Hannah
Added tits/pussy flashing animations!
AUTOSAVE before sleep
You no longer have to take the trash out every day!
Game rebalanced!
Business automation (currently only for Market Research)
FIXED Bug: anal mastery not achievable.
FIXED Bug: Laura aren’t wearing panties in bathroom (while brushing her teeth).
Added progress indicator for Guests Room.
Added a new visitable location: Library.
Added a new character to interact with at the library: Hannah. It includes conversation, kisses, winks, blinks, tit flashing animation and pussy flashing animation.
Added ability to learn programming at the library.
Added ability to automate Market Research.
Added ability to learn contract negotiation at the library.
Changed requirements for Yoga Studio opening day.
Added a notification when reaching the end of what is implemented for Guests Room.
All “cum” scenes are skippable.
You can now set prices adding/removing a percent of today market prices.
FIXED Graphics: Hug Laura in the morning.
Laura won’t talk about guests room once this is furnished.
Player gets an indication that he needs to talk with Laura about her spare key for guests room
FIXED: wrong background on some dialogues with Laura
AUTOSAVE before sleep!
Quicksave and Autosave saves can now be loaded from the Load Save Game screen
Increased the number of slots available for saving the game to 20.
Maximum penalty when you are caught masturbating is now limited to 250.
YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO TAKE TRASH OUT EVERY DAY! 2 days out of 3 is enough. Penalty for not doing so dropped to 5 points and it decreases further as relationship improves, reaching zero if relationship is high enough.
You no longer need to talk/admire/cuddle/have sex every day, but penalties for not doing so increase as relationship improves.
Talk: 1 day of 3 days. Penalty starts at 5 and increases up to 20.
Admire: 4 days of 5 days. Penalty starts at 3 and increases up to 15.
Cuddle/Hug and so on: 2 days of 4 days. Penalty starts at 5 and increases up to 20. No penalty apply if relationship is too low.
Orgasms: 1 days of 3 days. Penalty starts at 20 and increases up to 25. No penalty apply if relationship is too low.
For all the above, the penalty is correlated with your behavior. For example, if you admired her 3 days out of 5, penalty is only 75% of what it could be.


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